Earth Run

Recap: Earth Run {3 June 2012}

If you have read my blog for any length of time you’ll know that I don’t run a lot of short distance races.  That all changed on 3 June.  I was fortunate enough to be an ambassador for Earth Run and ran the 10k at Jericho Beach in Vancouver (there was a 5k as well).  This was the perfect race to be re-introduced to the distance.  There are a lot of larger 10k events in Vancouver – like the almost 50,000 strong Sun Run – but a small event has huge advantages.

1.  Mellow Atmosphere.  A small crowd means less opportunity for race day jitters.  I knew that I just wanted to go out to complete the distance in a decent (for me) time and not having huge crowds made it so much nicer.  It’s definite a family friendly event.  There was a small expo with about 6 tents – some vendors, some beneficiaries.  The Vancouver Aquarium and Young Naturalists’ Club of BC booths had Spud occupied for ages.

2.  Small Race Field.  If I was a faster runner this would be the race I’d want to go to!  Such a great chance of placing since there were only 71 finishers in the 10k and 48 in the 5k.

3.  Easy Package Pick Up.  Considering there was really just the chip (on a returnable ankle band to be no-waste) and shirt to pick up it didn’t seem like there was much of a wait.  I had a bit of an awkward moment when I had to find the race organizer to say I wasn’t on the list (my contact wasn’t present).  He was understanding and gave me my items.  My shirt (a unisex small) went to Colin, who’s quite happy about it.  The only problem with not being on the list is that my result is just a comma since there was no first or last name.  Oh well, I know it was me!

4. No Crowds.  The course was on an open park path and having fewer numbers was totally beneficial.  There was never the feeling that we were in the way or people were in our way.  It was an out and back along the ocean and, since the weather cleared once we started, there was a gorgeous view of the mountains.


5.  Affordable.  The race is $25/5k and $35/10k.  In Vancouver that is a great price.  Generally 5k’s start at the 10k price, so that’s really something that they have going for them!

6.  Plentiful Post-Race Snacks.  I know this seems like a silly point, but it’s nice to roll into the finish line close to the end and know that there will still be stuff waiting for you!  Oranges, bananas, water, and an energy drink were enough to tide me over until I could get to lunch.  Since the race aims to have a low to no environmental impact even the cups were recycled cardboard.

All in all I had a great time at Earth Run!  I was quite happy with my time (1:05:31) considering I really hadn’t done any sort of faster training.  I ran/walked it, but was completely fine with that.  I was breaking in my Saucony Mirage’s at the time too…  My watch did say the course was just shy of 10k, but there were two variables that could account for that: I started my watch a few seconds late and user error on the flour-marked gravel path (I’m sure I didn’t run the exact same path as measured)!  I think my favourite parts of the race were the atmosphere, the view, and having Colin and Spud waiting for me at the finish line.

Thank you Earth Run for letting me represent you online!  I had a fantastic experience and I’m sure Colin and I will come back next year to run!


Three Things Thursday: Everything’s Coming Up Roses


I won another Twitter contest!  I be getting a prize pack from Shower Pill (makers of towel-like wipes for stinky athletes) just by following them on Twitter and retweeting about their contest.  Yes, it’s marketing at it’s best, but I’ll take it!

I haven’t even tried their product, but I already love their customer service.  I was contacted, told that they didn’t have my shirt size, and was it okay to send a substitute size?  For the “hassle” (I guess) of potentially being out the shirt as I wanted it they also said they’d send a second box of wipes!   I assume most companies would just have had a take it or leave it attitude since it was a contest so I’m extremely impressed!  And now I have extra wipes for my stinky self at Ragnar in June.


 I finally got to try Nuun All Day!  The new line is enhanced with vitamins rather than electrolytes so, stating the obvious, you can add it to your water all day!  Smart cookies, those Nuun people…  

It comes in four flavours: Blueberry Pomegranate, Grape Raspberry, Grapefruit Orange, and Tangerine Lime; there are 15 tabs per tube and it works out to be the same cost per tab as regular Nuun.  Colin and I tried them all out yesterday.  A little more water than I needed to drink right before bed, but I was excited to try them.  The order above is how I’d rate my favourites.  Since I don’t drink water very often (it doesn’t taste like anything!) I decided to see how a very diluted tab would taste.  I put one tab in 48oz/1.4L.  It is perfect for me!  Just enough flavour and colour to trick me into drinking water.  I’m sure I’ll still drink it according to directions (1 per 16oz/473mL), but I’m loving this alternative.

Just a little bonus for my American readers who want to try All Day or buy any regular Nuun for that matter (sorry, Canada, they don’t ship up here yet):

Use the code bloggerslovenuun when purchasing at to get 15% off your order!  


It never ceases to amaze me how much social media can open doors or what happens when you get up the courage to ask.  For the second time this year I get to be a race ambassador!  After completing Earth Run on Sunday I was tweeted a congratulations from the Surrey Marathon for finishing the race.  If you remember from a few posts back I was considering them as my fall marathon until I decided I just wasn’t ready for another full.  Anyways, I said thanks and cheekily asked if they needed an ambassador for their race.  Turns out the answer was yes!

I am going from having nothing on the schedule after Ragnar in July to training for a half marathon on 30 September!  You can bet that there will be many blog posts about my training in the weeks to come so please, please keep me accountable!

The Once A Week Blogger

Yeah.  So I haven’t blogged much lately.  And it’s not that things haven’t been going on.  To be honest, since I got an iPhone (very late to the plate on that one) I rarely turn on the computer.  I could blog from my phone, but I don’t love the app for WordPress so I just let it slide.  And then I realize that I haven’t posted anything in what seems like forever.  To catch up on the last little while you get treated to the ever helpful, convenient, and easy-way-out numbered list.

1.  I’m running a 10K race on Sunday.  Note that I said running it; I’m not racing it.  I’ll be thrilled if I come in anywhere around an hour.  This will be the first 10K that I’ve done in over 10 years.  I’ve slacked more than I’d like to admit since the marathon and even during training I didn’t really focus on much speed work.  However, I’m thrilled to get out to support a great cause.  You can learn more about Earth Run here and participate virtually if you don’t live in Vancouver or Kamloops, BC.  

2.  Colin and I ran the Oliver Osoyoos Half Corked Marathon on Sunday and had an absolute blast!  It was the first race we’ve ever run together.  It was also the slowest race ever (3:05:–ish for 18ish km)!  And the fun part was that it didn’t matter at all.  I’ll have a race recap up eventually – no promises from a slacker – but here are some pictures to give you an idea of what it was like (click to enlarge).

We’ll definitely try to sign up next year!  Hopefully it doesn’t sell out in 3 minutes like this year!

3.  In Ragnar news our team has a name!  We had a lot of great ideas, but everyone agreed that they could live with NUUN Kids on the Block.  There’s a lot of talk about neon, scrunchies, rolled socks, and crimped hair.  Good thing I still have this kicking around:

I am thrilled to be able to let loose my 10 year old self!  If you have any ideas that would make our late ’80s/early ’90s theme even better please leave me your comments!  I have to dig out some *real* photographs at my parents’ the next time I’m there so I can see how horrific awesome my style was back then…

What Are You Doing On 3 June?

Don’t forget that Earth Run Foundation’s 5K, 10K, and Virtual Run happen on Sunday, 3 June!  It will be my first 10K race since 2001!

If you’re in Vancouver come out for an affordable race at Jericho Beach.  If you can’t make it here please join us by participating in their inaugural Virtual Run.  Register to run 5 or 10 kilometres between 1 June and 4 June.  


If you can’t run with us in June click here to contribute your mileage to see if we can run across the planet!  You can add your location or just your distances.  The goal is to turn the earth green!

Earth Run Foundation 2012 Virtual Run

I am a run ambassador for the Earth Run Foundation, which is based here in Vancouver.

The Earth Run Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization whose mandate is to bring people together and build a sustainable future.  By engaging the private and public sectors, we raise environmental awareness and fund local environmental projects. {source}

Earth Run organizes 5km/10km runs and walks to raise awareness for environmental issues.  In conjunction with the runs they also raise funds for environmental organizations and initiatives.  Each year, since 2008, they have held a Vancouver, BC, run.  This year there will be runs in Vancouver and Kamloops, BC.

New for this year is a Virtual Run! {Registration coming soon}

Like all virtual runs you get to do it on your home turf!  You might be living in Canada, the United States, or Timbuktu {which is in Mali – I looked it up!}.  As long as you sign up and get out the door you can run!

The Virtual Run is in support of UN-HABITAT, which, as an agency of the United Nations…

 …promote[s] socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all. {source}

So while the local runs support local initiatives, the Virtual Run will be giving back worldwide.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up from anywhere in the world
  • Choose to run 5K or 10K
  • Create a fundraising page {donations are self-determined, therefore you can raise from $0 – sky’s the limit!}
  • Anytime between June 1-4, go for a run!
  • Log in and tell us your finish time
  • See how you stack up against other Earth Runners around the world!

I’ll be participating in the 10km run in Vancouver on 3 June.  Want to see who can run faster?!?

Three Things Thursday

1.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’m the last one standing in a house full of sickies.  Colin and Spud both caught the flu over the weekend so it’s been really quiet around here.  I haven’t run all week either out of fear that it’ll tip whatever immunity I have over the edge.  Working really hard here not to get sick!

2.  I (finally) signed up for a lactate analysis.  I’m pretty sure I run my fare share of junk miles due to being in the wrong heart rate zone.  Peak Centre came out to my clinic and did their talk, which I’ve heard before, and, since I was waiting for the group discount, I put my name on the list.  I’ve been wanting to do this for about a year and a half so it’ll be nice to know how I should be running.  My main fears, though, are a) running on a treadmill – I’ve never done that and am scared of falling off – and b) being told that I’m extremely inefficient.  I’m already slow and I have a feeling that I’ll have to start off even slower still!

3.  I’m going to be a race ambassador!  Late nights and wine sometimes lead to the best ideas…  Earth Run is a local run that “promotes awareness and raises money for various environmental organizations and initiatives” while having a minimal impact.  This year’s theme is healthy and sustainable oceans.  They’re rolling out a Virtual Run this year so be on the lookout for posts about that!