Three Things Thursday

1.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’m the last one standing in a house full of sickies.  Colin and Spud both caught the flu over the weekend so it’s been really quiet around here.  I haven’t run all week either out of fear that it’ll tip whatever immunity I have over the edge.  Working really hard here not to get sick!

2.  I (finally) signed up for a lactate analysis.  I’m pretty sure I run my fare share of junk miles due to being in the wrong heart rate zone.  Peak Centre came out to my clinic and did their talk, which I’ve heard before, and, since I was waiting for the group discount, I put my name on the list.  I’ve been wanting to do this for about a year and a half so it’ll be nice to know how I should be running.  My main fears, though, are a) running on a treadmill – I’ve never done that and am scared of falling off – and b) being told that I’m extremely inefficient.  I’m already slow and I have a feeling that I’ll have to start off even slower still!

3.  I’m going to be a race ambassador!  Late nights and wine sometimes lead to the best ideas…  Earth Run is a local run that “promotes awareness and raises money for various environmental organizations and initiatives” while having a minimal impact.  This year’s theme is healthy and sustainable oceans.  They’re rolling out a Virtual Run this year so be on the lookout for posts about that!