Hydrating for Black Friday!

I know that many of you are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday.  There’s nothing like spending time with family, stereotypically watching the game – which ever team you support, and relaxing on a day off.  

Of course, there’s the day after Thanksgiving to look forward to as well.  In Canada we have Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) to ransack the stores in the hopes of finding good deals.  I’m incredibly jealous of Americans since Black Friday is 100 times better than that.  For all of you crazies who are going to brave the stores please remember to be well hydrated!  You can’t race for the good stuff if you’re feeling sluggish or crampy!

Nuun is offering discounts on their boxes of regular and U-Hydration flavours until the 25th.  I know that I’m late to the party in telling you about it, but there’s still time to order!  

If you don’t get your delivery before Friday you can always hope that it’ll be there for you to sip on when you do your shopping online on Cyber Monday.  Apparently warm Nuun is delicious!

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