Three Things Thursday

1.  If you are from Greater Vancouver you’ll already know which areas of town to avoid because of useless drivers.  If you’re not and ever come here stay the heck away from Richmond (or if you fly – because that’s where the airport is – get out ASAP)!  Confusing roads, annoying drivers and just plain not where I wanted to be this morning.  But I wanted the car love my husband and he had to work there today.  So I braved the roads and was thankful that it wasn’t raining since that would have made it worse.  Glad that part of my day is over!

2.  Spud has his first ever field trip today.  He’s going ice skating – also for the first time ever.  I’ll be the proud mum in the stands with the camera…

3.  My friend, Gina, is going to try to kill me this afternoon.  We haven’t been running together as much as we’d like lately so I jumped at the chance to join her.  Unfortunately I think that I just might die tonight as it’s an interval run.  My body no longer understands what it’s like to run fast.  However, the threat of thundershowers might just make my turnover quicker!  I told her last night that she might get a strength workout in by dragging my body home.  I’m only kidding a little bit.  


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