Monday Brain Exchange

Jill at Finishing Is Winning posts a question every Monday and then lets others chime in with their opinions too. This week’s topic is “Give-A-Ways: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?” It’s especially appropriate since I just found out that I won one (my 3rd!).

Question: What are your thoughts on give-a-ways? Do you enter them often? What entices you to enter or turns you off from entering? Have you run your own give-a-ways?

My Answer(s):

  • I like give-a-ways. I started entering them pretty much as soon as I started blogging and here’s why: I felt like I owed it to the people whose blogs I was stalking. The least I could do was let them know that I was actually reading their stuff. It was easy to sign up as a follower (usually the #1 requirement) and who doesn’t like getting running gear?
  • I enter them often enough. There are usually a few on my sidebar – it depends on how many people are hosting them and if I’m interested in what’s on offer (see below).
  • I’ll enter contests that have a product that peaks my interest. I go for running products over other things, but sometimes I’m picky about the running stuff too – example: I’d rather have a Road ID than a magnet.
  • I like ones that have simple rules. It’s helpful to know if it’s open to Canadians otherwise I waste my time and theirs.
  • I tend to enter contests on the blogs that I read the most. I don’t go too far out of my way to find them. Sometimes I’ll check out contests that are posted on other bloggers sites, but tend to skip entering if I’m not really interested in their blogs.
  • I don’t mind the whole social networking aspect (sign up to be a fan of … on facebook, etc), but I’ll only do those parts sometimes. Since those are usually only for extra entries I do them if I feel like it or if I really like the product.
  • I haven’t run my own give-a-way (yet). I’m sure that I will in the future, but I want to have some good stuff to put up for grabs. I think the main reason I would do so would be to get more followers – I love seeing my numbers go up! Even if most people who entered didn’t read religiously I’d be happy knowing that maybe one or two did.

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