One Race: Three Finish Times

I PR’d today! The best part is that all 3 times (gun, chip, and HRM) were PRs… Personally I’m taking my own time as my PR. The chip time doesn’t account for the 3 minute pit stop at Km 17…


  • Gun Time: 2:13:07
  • Chip Time: 2:11:38
  • Polar HRM Time: 2:08:49
  • Placing: 2539/3812 overall; 1196/2124 gender; 212/362 age group

Here are a couple of photos taken by Herb, our designated carpool driver/photographer/marathon clinic leader (who, unfortunately, couldn’t run due to injury), which I shamelessly stole from facebook:

3km in – looking good…

Sprinting to the finish line – I was in the zone!

Herb brought us champagne and OJ to celebrate!
Race report to follow once I get some more pictures and relax a little.


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