Wordy Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday: Things I Love & Hate Edition

Stuff To Love: 

Yesterday was our 8th anniversary!  In true we-now-have-a-kid-and-therefore-no-money fashion we had a regular day.  Colin worked, came home, I went to run clinic, Colin ran, we watched tv.  My parents are making us dinner tonight to celebrate – much appreciated!

After sort of complaining yesterday morning about not receiving my Nuun gift pack yet it came in the afternoon.  Score!  I actually got a few more stickers and another bottle, but the bottle was put to use right away.  Strawberry Lemonade and Grape were my first trials.  I put too much water in the first one, but it was still good.  I tried to smell it right after taking off the cap and ended up snorting a bunch of powder.  Oops…  

Grape, though, is awesome!  The smell of it reminds me of gum I used to chew as a kid (Double Bubble).  It contributed greatly to my perfect tempo run last night.  Rarely can I describe a run that way, but everything came together just right.  I felt so good.  I found the perfect pace group (2:10 finish); it was cloudy and windy, but not cold; my leg that was bothering me from wearing old shoes to work on Sunday didn’t act up – thank you right Soleus; I was strong on the hill (little, but still a hill) by making up a really corny mantra about not quitting; and ended up doing just under 5km in 32 minutes.  Yay!

Something To Hate:

Why is there no good way to get a good photograph for official documents?  The above photos are from our currently expired passports (on the left) and the pictures for our new ones (on the right).  Canada has this dumb guideline that you have to have a “neutral” expression on your face, meaning you can’t smile.  I guess they want you to look like you would if you were apprehended…  Let me just say that Spud did so well with not making faces.  He looks like he’s in a lot of trouble in his, but he was very well behaved at the store.  

I said on Facebook the other day that I’ve gone from fat head to slightly crazy eyes.  I guess that’s better than Colin.  He now looks like a normal, albeit tired, guy.  I’ve always thought his 2006 photo kind of looks like a serial killer’s mugshot.  I guess we’ve moved up in the world!  

Challenge for the day: I dare you to post the “best” government issued photo you have!

Wordy Wednesday – We May Have A Problem

Colin and I have an aspiring runner on our hands which, since Spud is 3-1/2, I think is awesome.  Unfortunately I don’t think we can enter him in a race any time soon.  

Let me explain: We live in a condo so we don’t have a lot of inside running around space.  So Spud’s preferred “race” route is around our living room table.  It’s normal for him to get his sillies out before bed by doing laps.  Sometimes he’ll stop for “fuel” (yogurt or Cheerios) every 2 or 3 times around.  Yesterday, however, his competitive side came out.  And I mean COMPETITIVE!
He started out okay.  Then all of a sudden he began pushing his arms back and yelling, “CRASH!”, every time he took a step.  I asked if he was pretending to be a race car.  Um, no.  He told me that he was pushing all of the other runners out of his way.  I don’t think he believed me when I told him that he wouldn’t be allowed to run if he did that in a real race.  So he stopped and had a sit-down break, which are apparently okay in races because all of the other runners have to stop and wait for him to be finished.
I had hoped that he was just going to go back to running laps nicely, but that didn’t happen.  Instead Spud put a pillow on the ground and used it as a hurdle.  He then said, quite matter-of-factly, that the pillow stopped the “pretend runners” from catching him since he was a “real runner”.  I have a feeling he didn’t mean pretend in the invisible sense, but that he meant that they were posers.  Complex thoughts for a preschooler…

As Colin said after, maybe he and Spud should be playing a little less Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit?  All I thought was that we should sign him up for the local T&F club when he’s old enough!