Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon Week 2 / 11

Strength + Stretch.
Distance: 0km. Made sure I did 10min bodyweight exercises + 5min stretch right when I got home from work. Yay!
Daytime Distance (commute + shift): 12km.
Music: N/A

Schedule: 5.5km run.
Distance: 0km. Too sore from past couple days and didn’t want to over-do it before track session on Wednesday.
Daytime Distance (commute + shift): 10km.
Music: N/A

Schedule: 6 x 400 track intervals.
Distance: 5.16km, but accidentally shorted myself one interval, only doing 5 / 6. Guess I need a better way of keeping track {no pun intended}.
Daytime Distance (commute + shift): 10km.
Music: None – had the company of my friend Simone.

Schedule: 5km run + strength
Distance: 5km, kept it slow and surprisingly steady. No strength; Spud’s bedtime and my dinnertime were more important.
Daytime Distance (commute + shift): 10km.
Music: Fall Out Boy + Deadmau5.

Schedule: Rest (yay!)
Distance: 0km.
Daytime Distance (commute + shift):

Schedule: 5km pace
Distance: 0km. Tired. Nuff said.
Music: N/A

Schedule: 11km long run
Distance: 0km. Was going to run when Colin got home from the Squamish 50 Orientation Run, but the downpour and hail turned me off pretty quick.
Music: N/A


Distance (actual vs scheduled): 10.6km vs 30ish-km
Daytime Distance (commute + shift): 50.5km

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