Monday Musings

Yes it’s late in the day, but I need to get this out of my head before bedtime…  Ah, the bullet point.  It makes posts so much easier!

  • Went for my long run yesterday.  7km was on the schedule, but I ended up with almost 11km… I forgot how fun half marathon training is because the runs are so short!  I was trying to kill time between my shift ending at 5pm and the start of the cashier meeting at 8pm.  I tried to keep it not too hilly and sort of succeeded.  No huge uphills, but a couple of gradual hills that went on forever… like 2km.  Ugh.  Would have been fine if it was on a normal road, but it was all driveways.  My butt was killing me at the end.  It didn’t help that it was super muggy out as well.  Most of my co-workers thought I was crazy.  
  • Ran my first run in a running skirt yesterday.  Colin stopped by the Sugoi sample sale the other day and picked me up the Stamina Skirt for $15.  Seriously not too many complaints.  It fits really well and doesn’t move around a lot.  The shorts rode up a little on the inseam, but nothing Body Glide and quick readjustments couldn’t fix.  Not too sure about having a white under short, but unless I get caught in a strong wind no one is going to see my backside…  Besides that the only thing that irked me a tiny bit was that the edging at the front flips over on itself.  Purely an aesthetic thing though.
Looks like this only it’s light blue with white piping.
  • I think I’m now a confirmed skirt girl.  But it has to have the shorts, not a liner.  Maybe one day (Christmas, hint, hint) I’ll receive the holy grail of skirts: a skirt!  
  • A while back (before the Canada Post lockout) I received the Eazy-Bandz headband that I won on Amanda’s blog.  I  it!  I picked out the Iridescent Sequin band.  I wasn’t quite sure what it would look like because the pictures online look gold or white, but the ribbon part is actually silver.  It’s awesome.  I also love the fact that they have sizing.  Because I wear mine close to my ears and forehead I was a “tween” size.  It barely moves when I run and I’ve worn it a whole day with it moving only about 1/2cm back.  The only time I notice any movement is if I crane my head back to look up really far.  Matt at Eazy-Bandz was great to deal with and was willing to ship it to me in Canada even though that’s usually an extra cost.  Like running skirts, I didn’t know that I’d love headbands until I tried one!  
  • Colin went on a run before dropping me off at work on Sunday.  I specifically asked him not to run through one of the trails since it’s (black) bear and cougar season right now.  As in the sign at the trail head says, “Cougars Are In The Area.”  When he came home I asked where he ran.  Of course, he said, “First I ran through X.”  Seriously?  It’s 7:30 in the morning!  That’s when the animals are out!  
  • During the aforementioned run Colin said there were signs that the bears had been about.  Besides the easily identifiable poop he said he saw where they had walked through the tall grass, etc.  He also came across an odd phenomena that we dubbed “Slugpocalypse.”  He kept seeing slug trails that abruptly stopped and the gravel looked disturbed.  The best we can guess is that the bears bunted the slugs as they ate them…  Funny and disgusting all at the same time.
  • I love summer!  Sure the weather here is leaving a lot to be desired, but the season means fresh fruit.  Colin took Spud out to a local strawberry farm on Saturday for their opening weekend.  Spud got to pick strawberries, play on a tractor playground and, because he’s lucky, loved and they were in the area, Bramma and Baba bought him a strawberry milkshake.  I’m looking forward to the raspberries coming out!  And blueberries… Once we go up to Colin’s parents’ place in the summer we’ll be able to gorge ourselves on peaches, apricots, etc. since they live in the Fruit Stand Capital of Canada.
  • Still riding the Nuun HTC high.  Every so often I’ll break out in a happy dance, much to Colin’s amusement.  I’ll hear later this week (I think) which leg I’ll be running.  Choices were 1, 3 and 2 in that order.  We’ll see what happens.  It doesn’t really matter which one I get because I get to run HTC!!!  
  • Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but Colin and I are doing Warrior Dash this August!  Some friends from our marathon clinic mentioned they were going to be signing up at a post-run breakfast ages ago and I basically invited us along.  We’re renting a house in Whistler, BC and plan to have quite a party weekend.  Should be super fun!  


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