Three Things Thursday

1.  I’m still holding out hope for good weather on Sunday.  They’re saying it will be sunny and 14C/57F.  I’m a little anxious about the rain forecast for Monday and that it might decide to show up a day early.  Fingers crossed!


Chance of showers

  • 10°C
  • 60%


Chance of showers

  • 12°C
  • 4°C
  • 30%


A mix of sun and cloud

  • 13°C
  • 5°C



  • 14°C
  • 5°C



  • 13°C
  • 9°C


A mix of sun and cloud

  • 15°C
  • 6°C


A mix of sun and cloud

  • 14°C
  • 7°C

2.  As much as I love a good wedding I, on Colin’s wise recommendation, will not be staying up to see “Wills and Kate” get married.  Something about getting a good night’s rest before the marathon and all that.  But I really should.  I stayed up with my mum to see Charles marry Diana in 1981.  Granted, I was 16 months old and don’t remember it, but it’s kind of a tradition… 

I’ll watch the ceremony on replay.  I can do with out the “insightful” commentary from the likes of  TLC, etc.  Thankfully we have access to the BBC – it seems more official in a British accent anyways.  Like what matters in all weddings all I want to see is her dress and maybe the flowers (phbpht, love and commitment).  Can’t say that I’ll be buying the official coin releases from the Canadian Mint (remember we’re still a Commonwealth country), especially since the 2 together would cost $130!

3.  The Canucks squeaked into the second round on Tuesday with a 2-1 OT win against the Chicago Blackhawks!    

Our last clinic session was supposed to be held tonight (no run) so it’s been moved from the store to the nearest pub to watch game 1 against Nashville and maybe chat a little about what to do after the race is over…


3 responses

  1. have fun this weekend!

    April 28, 2011 at 10:34 pm

  2. Yeah, I'm not staying up for the wedding, though I really can't see why everyone is so excited. lol

    April 28, 2011 at 11:39 pm

  3. Amy

    I won't be watching the wedding either in favour of a good night's sleep. I'm kinda sick of hearing about it at this point to be honest, though I do want to see the dress. And all of the hats.

    April 29, 2011 at 12:27 am

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