Three Things Thursday

#1. Blisters suck! My last long run ended with me having blisters. I think it was the combination of constant drizzle, old socks (my faithful Injinji toe socks finally failed me), a piece of sand under my arch that I didn’t notice until the damage was done and eczema on my feet. The pads I put on them for my hill run on Tuesday did squat and I made one way worse than before so now I’m on a self-imposed hiatus until my Sunday long run. Let’s hope things are better then or else it’s going to be a very uncomfortable 32km.

Besides double layer socks and maybe Body Glide does anyone have any suggestions? These aren’t just hot spots, they’re full on wounds…

#2. Contests are awesome! I have a little GU giveaway on now until the 31st that you should enter – I’ve learned that blogging is all about self-promotion! See my sidebar for listings for other people’s contests – there is a lot of great stuff up for grabs.

#3. I have 45 days until my first marathon! I feel okay when I read that, but when I say it in terms of weeks it really freaks me out. Somehow 6 weeks sounds way closer than 45 days… As long as my blister issues go away (see #1) I think that I’ll do fine.

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