If You’re Looking Out For Fozzie, Make Sure You Don’t Step On Kermit!

When Colin came home from his run last night he told me that he had come up with a great title for a post (see above).  I said, “Ew, you stepped on a frog!?!!?”  He then told me about his eventful run:

While running along a local path in the rain and dark he came across what he thought was a good sized leaf.  Turns out it was a freakishly large frog (well, actually a toad) that had come up from the river because the ground was so wet.  Apparently they scared the crap out of each other and both jumped about the same height in the air!  At least he took the time to “shoo” it off the path – with a blackberry bramble, but he didn’t poke it with the thorny bit – before it got itself squished by a person or bike.  When I asked him how big it was he held up his hands in a circle the size of a side plate.  Yuck!  

Have a great weekend!  Watch out for toads, frogs and amphibians in general…