Jogging Stroller Recommendations Needed

Now, this isn’t a request for myself.  I’ll stick with my BOB Revolution, thankyouverymuch…  However, the son and daughter-in-law of my Mum’s friend (got that?) are having a baby soon and will need to get a jogger.  They both run halfs and fulls and, like most of us with kids, would rather cart the baby along in a heavy contraption rather than give up running!  I know that joggers are a personal preference, but I’d love to help them out and pass along some good advice. 

Like I mentioned above, I have the BOB Revolution.  Here are a few reasons I love it:  

  • Swivel or locked wheel.  I keep it on swivel 99% of the time.  Really, I’m just horrible at turning with it when it’s locked.  Colin’s noticed that it starts to vibrate on swivel if he’s going too fast, but I’ve never had that problem!
  • Fits in our trunk without taking the wheels off.  That sounds funny, but it’s true!  There’s nothing worse than buying something and finding out that you’ve made more work for yourself, especially with an infant.
  • Car seat adapter.  It makes it a little top heavy with the infant seat – I didn’t start running until after Spud was out it – so I can imagine that you’d need to have pretty good focus not to tip it over if you were rounding a corner too fast.
  • Great on trails.  
  • Awesome rain cover.  I don’t think Spud’s ever gotten wet through it.  Doesn’t work with the infant seat though.
What I don’t love about the Revolution:
  • Small basket that isn’t easily accessible if child is in seat.  We used to have to put the diaper bag into the basket before putting Spud in the seat or it wouldn’t go in.  
  • Accessories are expensive, but I think this is true of all brands.  Of all the ones we bought the most essential (for us) were the rain cover and the “console”, which is a cup holder.
  • Not cheap.  We bought ours on Craigslist, but still paid through the nose for it.  This was on top of the Graco system that we’d already bought and decided wasn’t best for our lifestyle.  Parenting “life lesson” there!    
Other jogger brands include:
  • BOB (fixed wheel).
  • Baby Jogger.
  • Chariot.
  • Mountain Buggy.
  • Phil & Ted’s.
  • Valco.
  • Zooper.
Now it’s your turn!  What do you run with?  Do you love it or hate it?  Why?    

Post your recommendations, opinions (good and bad please), and links to reviews if you’ve done one in the comments section. 

And, if you’d be so kind, mention this in a post and send people my way to comment!  Thanks!