Getting Out The Door

This is the first time I’m “recovering” from a slump.

I hate it.

I am not fast.  I have never been fast nor have I really pretended that I am.  Sure, there have been some seemingly speedy times on my HRM, but they generally correspond with going downhill.  The only time I ever felt fast was last spring when I convinced my friend to run all out at the end of a tempo run to concentrate on something other than some personal stuff.  But that was more because I was being a good friend than it being anything I could sustain in the long run.

Dropping down from being a slow runner to an even slower runner is hard.  Not so much physically.  It’s actually kind of nice to just plod along.  But, mentally, it’s the pits.  As much as I thought I’d accepted the slow runner in me I haven’t completely.  She’s still there and I really want her to go away.  That’s going to take some work.  And it’s work that I’m not willing to do right now.  

My goals are small.  Run for an hour.  Run 4 days a week.  For now I’m just working on getting out the door.