Nuun Platuun

Extra-Wordy Wednesday: Meet The Team!

Mel has done an insane amount of work to introduce all the Nuun team members to you and to each other!  Click the photo to read all about us!

I absolutely cannot wait!



Team Nuun Tuesday

⇒ The big news for the week is that Team #2 is now officially Nuun Platuun.  I think that it is a great name, especially with already built-in costume ideas!  And it is totally the opposite from us.  When I saw it the first thing that popped into my mind was that Team Nuun Platuun vs. Team After-Nuun Delight has a very late-60s Hawks vs. Doves feel to it.  We’ll be the mellow, “have a try, man” team and, in my head at least, they’ll be the “drop and give me 20 and then we’ll see if you deserve it” team.  I’m sure it won’t be quite like that, but it gave me a laugh.

They “released” their top secret info last week: each blogger had the same post consisting of bios of all of the members.  You can check it out at XLMIC’s blog, Taking It On.  She did the compilation so that’s the link you get.  

⇒ Plans are underway for our van design.  Nothing is set in stone quite yet, but think 70s, rainbows, flower power or disco (that’s the sticking point, but it looks like flower power is winning), paisley, etc.  Lots of colour!  You should be able to see our van a mile away!  I’m a little freaked out by having my face plastered to the side of the van, but there’s no I in Team!  Ha!  

⇒ Loving my new flavours of Nuun!  So far Tropical and Grape are the front runners.  I still haven’t worked up the courage to try the Banana.  It really does scare me.

⇒ Hood To Coast is one month away!!!  That makes it sound so close.  The major issue was my passport and it should be here in about 2 weeks.  Other than that I guess I should start hauling stuff out of cupboards and drawers.