new shoes

Tempo Tuesday

Today marks the first (real) week of training for my next marathon.  I went to clinic last week, but, seeing as I’d run a 50km two days before – have I mentioned that? – I decided a 6km tempo would be a bad idea.

I have a 6km tempo (plus warm-up/cool-down) on the schedule for tonight.  I haven’t done any sort of speed work since May 2011 and it’s definitely showing.  I may or may not explode my lungs this evening.  Here’s hoping the positive attitude I have right now sticks around…

On another note, running an ultra can completely kill your shoes.  Mine didn’t have close to the usual end-of-life mileage, but they are done.  I tried to run in them on Sunday and made it a measly 5 out of 10km.  My knees told me that it was time to pack it in.  Thankfully I have a loving husband who picked me up a pair of my standbys while I was at work. 

Asics GT-2160

This is the 3rd pair I’ve had of this exact same shoe.  

And I’m thinking of mixing it up a little, which terrifies me.

Let me explain.  I have been wearing some version of the Asics 2100 series for years now.  I have had very few problems (fingers crossed/knock on wood).  They have served me very well. However, I’ve started to consciously make the effort to not heel strike quite as much so I think that they aren’t the best full-time shoe for me anymore.  I’m still willing to keep them around for long runs – as a friend at the running store said, I’m more likely to need the cushioning at the end of long runs when I’m tired and not so focused on form.  

I’d like to get a second pair of shoes that are more suited to a midfoot strike while still providing some sort of pronation control.  I would use these shoes for my shorter runs.  I put the question out there on Twitter and got a couple of answers back so far.  I’m not 100% brand loyal – I’ll get the one I can find at work or for cheapest. 

Here are my options so far:

As suggested by Asics – Neo33: 

As suggested by Melody (a Brooks rep and HTC teammate) – PureCadence: 

I still want to see what the comparable Saucony and Nike shoes are as well.  

Any thoughts?  If you run in either of these shoes how do you like them?