National Running Day

Wordless Wednesday – Two Reasons To Celebrate



Happy National Running Day!

Okay, so it’s an American invention, but I can’t imagine anyone caring if I hijack it and bring it over the border, so to speak. I’ll be celebrating by going on a 10km tempo run this evening with C and M. Let’s hope the little bit of sunshine that’s out now sticks around… I don’t think I’ll be so happy if I have to run in the pouring ran; especially since M doesn’t like his stroller’s rain cover any more.

Completed my 10km run and it didn’t rain! Yay! We watched all the rain clouds move north as we ran and even saw the sun for a little bit at the end. Many thanks to C for pushing up the last long, slow incline since he knows that I don’t do anything close to a tempo pace when I have the stroller! Quite proud of myself for completing it in 1:03:13 at an average pace of 6:19/km.