Juneathon 2010

Run, Courtney, Run! Juneathon 2010 Cancelled

Unfortunately, the fitness challenge that I was going to participate in (see previous posts) has been cancelled. Courtney had shared the idea with us, but it was originally from another blogger. There was a misunderstanding as to how one could enter and the other blogger preferred that Courtney not host a challenge of her own. I’m choosing not to join the other bloggers’ challenge, but wish them the best of luck. If anything it takes a little stress off of me. Hopefully I’ll still attempt to exercise daily even if I don’t post it here.


Juneathon 2010

Because my June isn’t busy enough with training for the Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon at the end of the month as well as starting my marathon training clinic on the 10th I thought that I would add in a little fitness challenge too!

Courtney over at Run, Courtney, Run! is hosting

For the month of June I get to:

  • Exercise every day. This should be easy as I will already be running approximately 4-5 days/week and only have to throw in some cross/strength/core training to make up the last couple of days.
  • Blog about exercising every day. This might be harder since I’m likely to forget if I don’t write myself a note or mark it off on my calendar.

At the end of June I:

  • Might be selected for a prize.
  • Will be more fit that I have been in a long while.

If you think that this sounds like fun (c’mon, you know it does…) you can sign up too.