CSN Stores Contest Winner

The magical and all-knowing wizard in the computer at random.org picked #22 – Danielle and Scott – as the winner of the $35 gift certificate to CSN Stores!  Congratulations!  Thanks to everyone who entered. 


It’s Kite Flying Day! How About A Giveaway?

Yup, it’s that time again!  CSN Stores has offered to host another giveaway and the winner will get a $35 gift certificate to spend on any item at any of their 200 stores!*

Now, they always give me the choice of doing a review or a giveaway and I always choose to help one of you out.  That’s because they just have too much good stuff to buy and I’d go way over the value of the review product!  I’m don’t think that they would be willing to send me  über-expensive office furniture for free… but if they are reading this and change their minds here’s what I’d like:

Only $3,799!

To enter:


  • Tell me what you’d love to buy from CSN.


  • Be or become a follower.
  • Add me to your blogroll.
  • Tell others about this contest.
  • Tell me your favourite holiday.  Mine is St. Patrick’s Day since it’s also my birthday!

The winner will be chosen using random.org on 17 February, which is fitting since it’s Random Acts of Kindness Day.

* does not cover any shipping costs.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner…

Sorry for the announcement late in the day – I just got home from work and remembered that I had intended to select the winner this morning. After inputing all the entries into a spreadsheet (necessitated by the two ballots for being a follower) I punched the grand total of entries into random.org. Here’s the winning number:

Congratulations to:

Please contact me at running42km.blog (at) gmail.com and I will email you the e-certificate. Thanks to all of you who entered and welcome to my new bloggy followers/friends! I’ll try to get around to your blogs soon.

Three Things Thursday

1. I just had my first Christmas orange. By this I mean a mandarin orange. And I must specify that it was a Japanese mandarin. Stores might try to entice you to buy the Chinese mandarins – they’re usually cheaper – but they just don’t compare! This is a big thing in my household – once we’ve started getting oranges (by the boxful, of course) we know Christmas is just around the corner. Spud was excited to try it with me, but once it was in the bowl he turned up his nose, which I was fully expecting. He deigned to suck some juice out of a piece, but that was it… I love these oranges since it’s a tradition that Santa leaves one in the bottom of our stockings. On Colin’s request Santa leaves his to cool in the fridge.

2. I went for a run today. Not a long one, but enough to get my legs moving (9-1/2km). Felt really good since I haven’t been out to run since Sunday.

3. In case you’ve been in a cave/haven’t been reading my blog/didn’t care somehow missed it – and it’s all I’ve been talking about for a week – I giving a $35 CSN Stores gift card away and the contest is open until tomorrow night. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday.

Why Would Anyone NOT Want To Enter A Contest?

Because they don’t know about it.

I think I may have made a fatal error. I thought that putting up a contest on Black Friday would be genius. Save money for Christmas, I thought… Buy a present for yourself, I thought. However, I seemed to have forgotten what a family oriented holiday Thanksgiving is in the US. Here’s the realization I’ve come to:

No one was online last weekend – they all took a bloggy-sabbatical for 4 days.

This can be the only explanation for having only 3 people enter my contest. It’s not like I even make you become a follower. That’s just for bonus entries!

So this is me begging you to enter reminding you that I have a $35 CSN Stores gift certificate up for grabs. Contest ends Friday! Click here to get all the details!

Money For Christmas Presents! *Contest*

It’s Black Friday! Time to start (or finish) your Christmas shopping! To help you out I’m hosting a contest from CSN Stores! They’re letting me give away a $35 gift certificate redeemable at ANY of their sites.* Whether you’re looking for coffee tables or something to put on them they have what you’re looking for. They even guarantee delivery to the US by Christmas Eve for any item that’s marked with a snowflake!

To enter:

Mandatory: Browse around CSN, then come back and tell me what you’d buy – it can be a Christmas present to yourself or, if you’re feeling generous, for someone else. (+1)


Be or become a follower of my blog and comment to let me know. (+2)

Leave me a comment telling me that you’ve linked this giveaway to your blog. (+1)

Contest will end Friday 3 December at 11:59pm PST. Entries will be put into a spreadsheet and the winner will be chosen by random.org. I will announce the winner’s name on Saturday 4 December.

*Shipping costs are NOT included.

Better Late Then Never

Sorry for announcing the winner of my CSN contest late! After getting home from the Okanagan after 7pm last night Colin went to turn on the computer and its power supply blew. Awesome! Thankfully my dad had a spare kicking around his house so now we’re back up and running.

Here is the winning number, as generated by random.org:

That means that Katherine from Forward Foot Strides is the winner of the $40 CSN gift certificate. Congratulations! Please contact me at running42km [dot] blog [at] gmail [dot] com with your email address.

Thanks everyone for entering! You helped me get to 50 followers!

What’s On This Week?

Well, I’m officially tapering! It’s so nice to be done the long runs – the only one on the horizon is a 16km (at race pace) at the end of the week. I’m unusually calm about the race right now which is kind of freaking me out in it’s own way. Ask me again in a week how I feel and I will have probably changed my mind…

We’re going up to my in-laws in the Okanagan this week as Colin’s on vacation. It’ll be a nice 4 day getaway to do nothing but eat, sleep, run (a little) and buy fruit. I don’t really need 20lbs of apples or pears, but when it’s $6 for 10lbs or $7 for 20 it’s a shame to turn it down. I’ll just have to convince Colin to make more pies!

I won’t be posting while I’m up there so here’s one last plug for my CSN contest. It’s $40! You can enter here until Thursday at midnight PST. The winner will be announced on Friday… it’ll start someone’s October off right.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Three Things Thursday

1. It’s raining. Not a big deal here in Vancouver, but I haven’t had to run in the rain in AGES. Not too sure if I’ll pull out the water-resistant jacket tonight since it’s only drizzle. I might have to use my toque though since my ears started to hurt from the cold on my run last night.

2. Hope to have new shoes this weekend. Really need new shoes this weekend – to break in before the big day and so I don’t kill my knees with the old pair. Will be selling unused sports equipment to get the funds (unless one of you would like to be my shoe-fairy-godmother/father/parent?). When you can’t remember the last time you used your snowboard or rollerblades it’s time to let them go. The place I’m taking them to apparently takes used runners too – I’m sure I’ll weep at the amount they’ll give me for my (original price $159.99) GT-2140s, but anything is better than nothing!

3. Feel free to enter my contest – $40 to CSN!

Who Wants To Win?

I’m so excited! I get to have another giveaway!

Sean, from CSN, contacted me a while ago to ask if I’d be interested in hosting a contest. Since this is the first time I have been sought out by a company I jumped at the chance. Now if you read running blogs you’ve probably had a chance to check them out as there have been lots of opportunities to win gift certificates.

In case you didn’t know, however, they sell almost everything! You can get items for your house like bistro sets – which would have been nice to know a couple of years ago when Colin and I were buying grownup furniture and couldn’t find one anywhere – and cookware. You can also buy exercise equipment like treadmills and ellipticals if you are lucky enough to have the money and space to do so…

So here’s your chance to win a $40 gift certificate*!

You can get up to four “ballots”:

1. Mandatory: Become a follower or tell me you already are. +1 Entry
2. Mandatory: Click on above link (or go to CSN Stores) and tell me what you’d buy. +1 Entry
3. Link this contest back to your site. +1 Entry
4. Add me to your blogroll or tell me that I’m already on there. +1 Entry

This contest will run until midnight PST 30 September. I’ll pick the winner using random.org and will announce their name on 1 October.

*(depending on item shipping may be extra)