Three Things Thursday

1.  I have a cold and it sucks.  Spud thoughtfully passed it along last week and now I’m stuffed up, but have a drippy nose at the same time (?).  Hopefully getting out to run will get it out of my system.

2.  I abhor am learning to love hill repeats again.  Every training cycle I do them and then after every race I slack off.  I completed week 1/7 yesterday with 4 repeats.  I’m supposed to do 600m hills with a grade of 6-8%.  I figure that my 410m hill with an average grade of 10% (12% for 200m, turn corner, 8% for 210m) is good enough.  Thankfully my friend came by with her little girl and she was nice enough to watch the kids at a park while I ran.  This meant that I didn’t have to push Spud up the hills with me.  I know I won’t be this spoiled every week, but it made my run so much more enjoyable!

3.  I’m off to bake.  I don’t do it often – it’s more Colin’s thing, but I can make a couple of things pretty well.  Today it’s Apple Crisp and Banana Bread.  Good thing I run so often so I can eat what I make! 

Finished product: Is it bad that I want this to be my dinner when I get back from clinic?