Bread And Butter Dreams

Let me preface this by saying that if you find yourself up at 1:07am and you think you are hungry you’re not.  Just go back to bed.  Since neither Colin nor I could heed this advice here are the awesome dreams we had…

1. Colin’s dream was about Tofino.  My family has been going there since I was young and this year would have been the 20th consecutive year.  However, going to a now very popular tourist destination is not cheap.  So unfortunately none of us will be going.  Obviously Colin’s subconscious is still in denial…  He dreamt that all of us were waiting at the ferry terminal getting ready to head over to the island.  I drove my car with my mum and Spud on to the ferry.  Colin waited for my dad who had a 4×4.  When my dad came back he said that he was ready to go, turned around and drove away.  He was convinced that he and Colin could drive there.  

2.  I had a very in depth dream about running an ultramarathon.  It was based in and around Vancouver.  Some of the route was on trails and some was on the road.  At the start Dean Karnazes made a brief appearance and laughed at me when I asked if he could pace me.  Of course I came to my senses and admitted that he would probably be able to finish a couple of times over before I did.  He ran off still laughing at the newbie.  

I didn’t really know the course that well so when I had about 10 kilometre or miles left (still not sure what the actual distance was) I got lost.  I was running back and forth along the beach trying to ask people where I was supposed to go, but I was at the finish line and they were all done already.  Eventually someone told me that I had to do a loop of the Stanley Park area and come back to the beach.  By this point I was already well past when I wanted to come in and I was running dead last.  I picked up the pace by using some sort of bulky metal pole/walking stick thingy to propel myself forward.  I started to pass other runners – all of whom seemed really old or hurt.  

Once on my way back I came to a fork in the road and didn’t know which way to go.  Colin yelled at me from a restaurant that I was supposed to go left to get back on the beach.  But I missed the turn for that and saw runners going to both Rogers Arena and BC Place.  By the time I got to the arena it was closed to runners.  So off I went to BC Place where they were deflating the roof.  I ran down the concrete ramp inside and discovered that they were packing up to leave.  There were about 4 firefighters giving out medals and the first one tried to hand me a junior medal (don’t ask, I have no idea what that is).  When I complained they gave me the real one and then they all started taking my picture from different angles.

Then I woke up; face down on my stomach and both my arms were partially asleep.  I have no idea what time it was except that it was early.

3.  After I got back to sleep I had a dream about work.  Yippee!  My store kind of looked like my store, but it was bigger than usual.  No one seemed concerned or in awe of the fact that I’d just done an ultra.  All I got was a rude look and comment from a customer because I wasn’t helping them.  It didn’t matter that I wasn’t working yet and didn’t have my uniform on.  I think there was more to it, but it’s gone now…   

So the moral of the story, in case you couldn’t figure it out, is don’t eat bread and butter in the middle of the night or you’ll dream of obscure things.  


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  1. hahah I have the same thng…whenever I eat late, I have the weirdest dreams ever!

    July 15, 2011 at 9:48 pm

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