January By The Numbers

This is actually the first time I’ve ever written out my monthly stats on my blog.  It is more for me to see how I’m doing and where I can improve than it is for you to read about it.  I figure it probably isn’t that interesting to read.  Mind you, I’m always nosy and love reading other bloggers stats so maybe you’re the same?

Total Kilometres/Miles: 161.22/100.18

Long Runs: 5 (every Sunday; lengths ranging from 10km to 16km)

Runs Missed: 5 (3 of those I consider optional runs anyways)

Core/Strength/Stretch Planned/Completed: 18/14 (78% – not bad!)

Push Ups: 172 on stability ball + 53 real = 225 (considering I hate them I’m quite impressed with myself!)

Time Spent Running: 19-1/2 hours.

Not much else to add.  Marathon training is in fully swing so I’m really trying to get my runs/workouts in, but not worrying too much if I can’t/don’t want to complete them.  I’m not killing myself trying to make up runs or anything like that.  I know I probably need to make a little more effort getting in my 5th run of the week, but I’m okay as long as I don’t drop below 4.    February should be fun!


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  1. that is a lot of pushups!

    February 2, 2011 at 1:05 pm

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