This Is Going To Be Fun!

So I didn’t have the money to register for the “First Half” Half Marathon and now it’s sold out – in only a couple of days. That’s fine and dandy because I knew that I was going to miss it. It’s, obviously, the first half marathon of the season locally and it was cancelled last year due to the Olympics. It was destined to be popular as people missed it!

My solution to not running in it is to volunteer. I only signed up tonight to be contacted and it’s not until 13 February 2011 so I don’t know yet what I’ll get to do. But I’m really excited! I’ve never volunteered at a race. However, I know how much I appreciate the volunteers at all of the events I’ve run in! So many races just wouldn’t get put on if people didn’t want to help out.

Here’s my question to you: Have you volunteered for a race before? How was it?

I figure that volunteering will be just as rewarding as racing. Besides, I have so many friends running in the race it’ll be nice to cheer them on at the same time!

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