Where To Run, Where To Run…?

We’re off to Tofino, British Columbia this weekend for vacation! Yay! I’ve been doing this with my family for the last 18 years – Colin joined in once we got married and now M comes too. It’s a week of doing nothing but eat, read, walk on the beach, sleep and, now, run.

I have a dilemma. We need to do 2 long runs while we are there and I can’t decide where we should run them.

Do we run on the beach?

Typical foggy weather

I haven’t run on hard-packed sand before, but Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park is the perfect length for our second run (19km + 2.1 to make up the distance for the virtual run I’m participating in).
Or do we run on the pedestrian path/road?

That’s not me above – it’s actually a shot from the Edge to Edge Marathon (next year’s dream race if I want to do it again after October) – but I might be running like her this weekend. If we decide to run on the pavement for 16km we’ll run out of bike path so road it will be.
I have a feeling we’ll do one of each, but what do you think?

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