Today is gonna be the day…

…that I start training for a marathon. The first thing I thought of when I typed that was Oasis’ “Wonderwall” – sing it in your head if you remember it, it works! Then I thought about how old that made me since it came out 15 (!) years ago… Anyways, that’s the news of the day. I’ll do another post tonight or tomorrow recapping my first day feelings… until then here are the things that make my feet happy and a couple of “wants” for down the road:

Asics GT-2140: Loved these shoes, especially this colour. Was very disappointed when I had to replace them with the ones below. Same shoe, but the navy/pink combo make me feel like I have old-lady shoes on.

Asics GT-2140: current pair – trying mightily to give up the ghost. I can’t afford to buy new ones yet so will wear them until my knees tell me otherwise. Not the greatest choice, but there it is.

Injinji Micro Toesocks: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I’ve never had a blister from these socks. And I’m wearing them right now.

Asics GT-2150: Upgraded model of the ones I have now. Will be getting these next. I was hoping to wait until August to get them cheap at work (in this colour too), but if I have to buy them sooner I’ll definitely get the turquoise blue ones.

Injinji Ex-Celerator Compression Toesocks: I figure that if I want a compression sock – and I’m pretty sure I’ll need them once I’m running 32km training runs – I might as well go with the ones I already like.


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