Who Likes Short Shorts?

I like short shorts??? Apparently so. This has come as a complete revelation. If you know me you would know that I do not do short. Not shorts, not skirts, nothing. My thighs never see the light of day. So this has taken me by surprise. I’ve been a dedicated wearer of pants/tights since starting running last May. Super hot summer heat – wore my lululemon pants. Fall/winter – tights were the way to go. I’d obviously gotten over/come to terms with the whole jiggly back-end issue. But I’d never felt good in shorts. I’m fairly certain that the last time I wore gym shorts was when I had gym class; 1998, when I was still in high school.

I decided that I would buy a pair of capris to see how it was running in shorter pants. Unfortunately I didn’t quite get the principles of compression and found out on the day of my long run that they were too big. They sure would have been nice that unseasonably warm morning, but I’m kind of grateful that I didn’t wear them. I discovered that even capris will be too much this summer and that shorts were going to have to become my friends. After trying on several pairs here are the two I bought:

I’ve got to say that while I love the Under Armour shorts, and they are super comfy for running, the Nike’s are going to be my at-home exercise shorts. They aren’t true compression, just snug, so they failed miserably for my 5km tempo run. Thankfully I remembered to use my Body Glide! If I had wanted shorts that short I would have bought the bun-hugger Under Armour 2″ Compression Short. To anyone who happened to see me on that run – I apologize and I hope you didn’t laugh and/or cringe when you saw me… I’m not big, but it still wasn’t too pretty. I have a lot of squats and lunges to go before I’ll wear them out to run again.


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