Confession of the Day

I need to confess something. I bailed on my 5km run today.

I could blame it on:

  • RAIN. I’d like to think this is valid, but I live in Vancouver and most of my training is done in relatively crappy weather. It wasn’t torrential and since I would have been going on my own I couldn’t even use the “I don’t want to take my child out in the rain” excuse.
  • BOOTCAMP. My legs are sore. Still. It doesn’t help that M likes to put his boney knees/elbows/fingers/toes/etc. into my thighs to push him self up onto my lap. I’m taking today off as a day of rest to let my quads recover from too many squats on Monday
  • LACK OF SLEEP. I went to bed too late and M got up too early. Again, this isn’t a new occurrence and I should know better.
  • HOCKEY. Let’s face it; it’s playoff time. The Canucks game started at 7pm, M’s bedtime is at 8pm (re: TV off) and I wanted to watch as much of it as possible (not just the end).

Now I’m sitting here at 11pm feeling guilty for not being more motivated. My husband actually “booed” me when I told him that I wasn’t going out. That sucks. Sure, I could have gone out during the day when the weather was better, the game wasn’t on and my legs really weren’t feeling that bad. But that would have meant taking the buggy.

Today the idea of running just didn’t do it for me.

I’m sure I’ll feel it on Sunday when my legs feel like garbage after the 12km run that’s scheduled. My fault? Yes. Hopefully next week will be better. At least this is just 1/2 marathon training – once the full clinic starts I’ll have to be in a better frame of mind.


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