I ♥ GU

One of the perks of doing an in-store clinic is that we have featured talks. I’ve learned some great stuff about heart rate and hill training, nutrition, and speed work.
But I have NEVER been as excited for a talk as I am for the one tonight!
Herb, our wonderful leader, has arranged for our local (and generous) GU Rep to come in. I already use GU gels – I’m partial to the mint chocolate although they really need to put some caffeine in it – but haven’t really gotten into their other products. So I’m looking forward to learning more. What I’m really looking forward to, though, is the goody bag that we’ve been promised! Apparently it’s a little bit of everything, which is great since I have a 29km (18 mile) long run this Sunday and can test it all out then.
I’ll post a picture of my loot tonight! It doesn’t take much to make a runner happy does it?

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